We give you advice

Steps to get our advice
  • To contact us register here
  • Within 2 weeks, we will get in contact with you to arrange a first meeting and discuss your specific needs. Depending on your location we can meet in person or online.
What do we ensure
  • We keep sensitive personal issues confidential;
  • We speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese. If necessary we can arrange a translator.

If you want to participate you need to know:

You can participate only if you have:

  • a valid residence permit in one of the european member states, (protection status or other residence permit)
  • a valid travel document (refugee or national passport)
  • If you do not have a residence permit, we can find out what other options you may have in our consultation.

We accompany you

You have decided to take part in moveurope!?

We will now work with our European partners to find a suitable mobility for you. Here you can find the mobility programmes that we support and their requirements.

We will accompany you in the preparation, throughout the entire recruitment process and visa application as well as additional support after arrival.

Your complete involvement and motivation is very important for us and key to the process, as moveurope! is not a service but a support network to your ambitions and goals.

So far, our knowledge and experience regarding open migration pathways via the visa procedure has been related mainly to Germany. Together with our network, we are willing to support you to look into opportunities in other European countries.

We inform you

Are you wondering what rights you have in Europe or in the country you are currently living in?

Would you like to get to know another country in Europe, live and work there (for a while)?

Is it important for you to talk with other refugees about your situation and experiences?

We regularly organise and conduct events and workshops in different languages (online and offline) that could be interesting for you.

Check our calendar for upcoming events. (Calendar coming soon)


In Germany, there are many opportunities to volunteer. 

You can do a voluntary service or civic service in the social, ecological or cultural field.

• Usually full-time employment with entitlement to regular vacation • Offers various training seminars for the volunteers • Social insurance is provided by the employer • Pocket money of up to 414 € is provided • Accommodation can be provided, but it is not guaranteed

There are different national types of voluntary service and also the European voluntary service (ESC programme).


Depending on the program there are age limits (16-27 years) but there are also programs open to people up to 99 years.



Normally, a voluntary service lasts between 6-12 months; 

usually 6-12 months (officially possible time frame: 6–24 months)


During your voluntary service, you normally get pocket money, accommodation and board from the organization you are volunteering for, you receive access to language courses, training and seminars and will meet other young people that volunteer in Germany.