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In Germany, there are many opportunities to volunteer. 

You can do a voluntary service or civic service in the social, ecological or cultural field.

• Usually full-time employment with entitlement to regular vacation • Offers various training seminars for the volunteers • Social insurance is provided by the employer • Pocket money of up to 414 € is provided • Accommodation can be provided, but it is not guaranteed

There are different national types of voluntary service and also the European voluntary service (ESC programme).


Depending on the program there are age limits (16-27 years) but there are also programs open to people up to 99 years.



Normally, a voluntary service lasts between 6-12 months; 

usually 6-12 months (officially possible time frame: 6–24 months)


During your voluntary service, you normally get pocket money, accommodation and board from the organization you are volunteering for, you receive access to language courses, training and seminars and will meet other young people that volunteer in Germany.