We picture a Europe in which all young people have equal opportunities regardless of their nationality or legal status. We want the EU to be accessible to all young people and make its values more tangible.


For about 4 years, our organisation has been promoting, supporting and facilitating legal migration routes within EU member states for refugees with international protection status. This has been with the aim to better regulate intra-european migration.

We are the first and only grassroots and youth-lead initiative in Europe that connects young migrants with organisations and companies across european borders.

Within our moveurope! programme we use existing tools shaped by the current visa procedures. From experience we have seen the success from refugees applying for a visa for educational and vocational purposes (e.g. voluntary service and apprenticeship) in order to guarantee participation in opportunities outside the first country of asylum and thus make the mobility rights within EU member states much more tangible for all young adults. In this context, we provide empowerment oriented support in the form of advice, guidance and training, in order to share our knowledge.


Our moveurope! programme upholds the core principles of our organisation, migration_miteinander e.V.:

  • Tolerance
  • Inclusion
  • Equality in rights and dignity
  • European and international solidarity

How we work – Our moveurope! approach

Our work is aimed at different target groups and includes three main activities.

We provide ongoing advice

We offer individual consultancy on open migration pathways/ mobility opportunities for young migrants and refugees in Europe.

We accompany

We match young refugees and migrants in Europe with companies or organisations that are looking for an apprenticeship, voluntary service or traineeship. We accompany both parties in all steps, from the preparation, implementation and after their stay.

We inform/give workshops

We offer regular training and workshops (online and offline) for different target groups and in different languages.

Have a look at our training calendar 2021 (coming soon).

Our consultations are:

  • online and offline
  • multilingual:
  • safe in terms of data protection
  • for free
  • for everybody


  • requires your active participation
  • equips you with the necessary knowledge and skills required to actively participate in all steps involved
  • uses a case-by-case, holistic approach where your needs, interests and motivation are put first.

The knowledge and information we share is based on ongoing research we conduct together with our European partners. For two years we have been successfully accompanying refugees within Italy moving to Germany. Our aim is to explore more opportunities in EU countries to increase further accessibility.

Who we are

moveurope! is a programme of the German non-governmental and non- profit organization migration_miteinander e.V. If you want to find out more about the team behind moveurope!, check migration_miteinander’s website.

Partners & Funders

Thanks to everyone that supports us in our mission!




In Germany, there are many opportunities to volunteer. 

You can do a voluntary service or civic service in the social, ecological or cultural field.

• Usually full-time employment with entitlement to regular vacation • Offers various training seminars for the volunteers • Social insurance is provided by the employer • Pocket money of up to 414 € is provided • Accommodation can be provided, but it is not guaranteed

There are different national types of voluntary service and also the European voluntary service (ESC programme).


Depending on the program there are age limits (16-27 years) but there are also programs open to people up to 99 years.



Normally, a voluntary service lasts between 6-12 months; 

usually 6-12 months (officially possible time frame: 6–24 months)


During your voluntary service, you normally get pocket money, accommodation and board from the organization you are volunteering for, you receive access to language courses, training and seminars and will meet other young people that volunteer in Germany.